Character Art: T’rehu

Jolan Tru Companions

T'rehu by Nyuunzi

T’rehu by Nyuunzi

Today we present a new character art portrait featuring T’rehu. She is a nurse and  combat medic aboard the IRW Curias, a ship of the Tal Shiar. Her past is shrouded in mystery and she shares nothing with anyone. T’rehu is sardonic, stoic, and efficient. She executes her duty with few comments, fewer words, and no complaints.

She is often feared by the crew for she may patch you up if you are injured though she may have caused those injuries herself. T’rehu’s strength is unmatched on the ship and the Commander has been known to use her as a blunt object to ensure good order and discipline aboard the ship. Read More

Character Art: Tamok

Tamok by Nyuunzi

Tamok by Nyuunzi

Jolan Tru companions. Today we present a new character art portrait of Tamok. Tamok has not lived a pleasant life. His family once served Praetor Taris’s family where he worked as a menial maintenance technician.  He was not treated poorly but there we was little more than a servant with few options or opportunities. His Matriarch’s fall shattered his world and left he and those like him in the hands of Tal Shiar interrogators. They were not kind.

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Character Art: Vaehei

Character Art!

We have enlisted the talents of the artist Nyuunzi to create portraits based on the characters of our show.

First up, Vaehei
Star Trek 8 (1)
Vaehei is a Reman trader/smuggler trying to scrape a living for herself under the opessive regime of Empress Sela. She manages for a time but her luck runs out as the Tal Shiar sweep across the remains of the Empire, capturing her and scuttling her ship.

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Contest! Design the BoN Logo.

Calling all artists! We are looking for artists to design the official logo for Blood of the Nei’rrh. The contest will run until the end of February and winners will be announced in the second week of March.

As a reward we are offering a few options.

STO players will be happy to see our offering of a Tal Shair Adapted Battleship or a Elachi Monbosh Battleship.

Non STO players aren’t being left out, we are also offering a Amazon gift card valued at $60.

Send submissions to

As a starting point we are including a rough concept. You don’t have to follow this concept. It are included as reference and inspiration.

News and Series Pitch Short

Good news! All of our scripts are not in finalization. This is the last step needed before we begin recording. We are still looking for more voices to fill the cast. If you are interested email us

As a taste of what we are trying to create we are posting the original pitch short episode. While the eventual arc of the series has diverged from this original idea the themes are the same. Enjoy!

Open Casting Call!

At long last we have reached the point in production where we are ready to begin casting the role of our main and supporting cast. For those of you who are interested please contact us and we will provide you with the audition slates and a timeframe for a live audition over Skype. You may also prerecord but live is preferred.

Contact us via email at

Jolan Tru

Welcome to the Official website for the upcoming Audio Show, Blood of the Nei’rrh!

Blood of the Nei’rrh (BoN) follows the story of the Warbird Nei’rrh and her crew as they struggle for survival in an uncertain galaxy. The Loss of Romulus (ch”Rhihan) and Remus (ch’Havran) has devastated the Romulan Star Empire. Even after a generation, recovery is slow and ponderous. New Powers have risen that seek to dominate all Romulans and bring them back under its dark wings. Those that oppose oppression struggle for independence, desperate to shed the lies and deceit of the past.

The Nei’rrh and her crew stand between these powers-a ship and crew caught in a storm of change. Though the way is dangerous, they will forge a path to survival and stability for Romulan, Reman, and any who thirst for freedom.

This series is brought to you by Busy Little Beaver Productions and the team behind Gates of Sto-vo-kor.

Created my Mike Tripp

Produced by Ross Bullock

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